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Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes Hit Market and More News

Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes Hit Market and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Michael Chiarello's new restaurant, plus Aziz Ansari's favorite burgers

Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Pickle Candy Canes: Pickleback lovers and other pickle enthusiasts will be pleased to know that this holiday season, they can buy pickle-flavored candy canes (also: bacon candy canes). [Archie McPhee]

Michael Chiarello's New Restaurant: The Napa Valley chef is taking over a space on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, called Coqueta, which roughly translates into "flirt." [Scoop]

Aziz Ansari's Favorite Burgers: Au Cheval in Chicago has made Ansari's list of favorite burgers, which includes Shake Shack and In-N-Out, naturally. [Twitter]

Seafood Mislabeling: A new report from Oceana found that 48 percent of seafood in Boston is mislabeled; 55 percent in Los Angeles, and 31 percent in Miami. [Oceana]

Pickle Fans: Here&rsquos Where You Can Get Pickle-Flavored Doritos

These days, there's no food or drink safe from the pickle obsession. There's pickle beer, slushies, ice cream, and candy canes, to name a few. Now, everyone's beloved crunchy triangle chips come in a pickle variety, as well.

Intense Pickle Doritos pack an "extreme crunch and explode-in-the-mouth flavor," according to Doritos. "Savour the tanginess of the intense pickle flavor in every bite." So, basically, every pickle fanatic's dream chip.

If you want to taste for yourself (and obviously you do), you'll have to head to Canada, where the chips are sold, Extra Crispy notes. Apparently, the pickle Doritos have been around for years, long before the time of things like snow-cone flavored pickles.

If a Canadian vacay isn't in your near future, you can also order the chips via Amazon, because technology is a lovely thing! Based on some of the reviews from Amazon, the Intense Pickle Doritos are a perfect snack for the pickle-fiend in your life.

One user got them as part of an "all pickle gift set" for their mother-in-law. "These may have been the biggest hit with her pickle loving self. I wasn't expecting them to taste as pickley as they do, but they are very intense as they state." Another called the chips "the cadillac of dill pickle flavored salty-snacks" and suggests keeping them in the freezer because it "amplifies the seasoning."

An Instagram user called the Doritos "amazing" and "10/10 would recommend." The user described the taste: "At first kinda just like salted nachos but then it leaves your mouth feeling really pickly and fresh and a bit sour."

I really love how "pickly" is now an adjective. Fingers crossed that the Intense Pickle Doritos make it to our neck of the woods sooner than later, but in the meantime, there's always Amazon!

You Can Now Buy Gummy Pickles That Actually Taste Like Pickles

The vast and varied world of gummy candy has taken a leap no-one could have anticipated.

I'm talking, of course, about the invention of the gummy pickle.

Carry on scrolling to see this bizarre creation for yourself, and the other gummy inventions that have tempted us.

Candy is great right?

Whoever first invented the chewy, sweet goodness of gummy candies has made a lot of people. and dentists very happy.

A meal replacement?

As much as we love candy, it can be hard to justify replacing an actual meal for the likes of jelly beans and gummy bears.

But as adults, we can do what we want.

But that doesn't mean we won't be judged for it. I mean, if I came to the office with a lunchbox full of Swedish Fish and Red Vines, eyebrows definitely would be raised.

The ultimate disguise.

You can now purchase an array of gummy candy products that resemble regular food. I was particularly impressed by this ramen box style gummy candy dish. You can get your hands on them from Amazon for $7.

Breakfast anyone?

Now, not everyone can stomach sweet treats first thing in the morning but for some, a gummy candy breakfast would be the ideal start.

Taco time.

This one is a prime example of how you can literally put anything between a hard taco shell.

What will they think of next?

There's clearly no end to the possibilities in the gummy candy game.

But what if.

What if you could combine the squidgy sweet goodness of gummy candy with the sour, savory taste of a pickled gherkin?

Sound good?

Of course, this sweet treat isn't for everyone. I mean there are plenty of people out there who would much sooner keep their pickles hard and crunchy and their gummy candies sweet and chewy.

But for pickle lovers.

There have been other pickle hybrids on the market.

Can you improve on the original recipe?

A pickle is and a pickle will always be a top tier crunchy snack that serves multiple purposes in the culinary field. That being said, can it really fit in the world of sweet treats?

22 Crazy Candy Cane Flavors You Need To Try This Holiday

Some are strangely delicious, others are just plain weird.

Candy canes are *the* treat of the winter season, but peppermint isn't the only variety out there. In fact, there's a whole slew of interesting flavors on the market&mdashranging from the strangely delicious to just plain weird.

These green candy canes may look like they're spearmint-flavored, but they actually taste like dill pickles. Someone tell us how to feel about this.

For all you PSL fans that can't bare to part with the fall favorite flavor.

These candy canes might look just like their peppermint counterparts, but they pack the spiced-up flavor of Sriracha, currently the world's trendiest condiment.

These sticky-sweet treats will no doubt taste amazing, but it's still strange to see our favorite breakfast pastry in hard candy form.

These bubblegum candy canes have a secret: They aren't actually candy canes! Give them a few chews and you'll be blowing bubbles in no time.

This is probably the weirdest candy cane flavor we've seen to date. They are supposed to taste like gravy, a traditionally savory accompaniment, but we wouldn't recommend topping your potatoes with them.

Have you ever had a hand-pulled candy cane? If not you're in for a treat. These high-quality candies from Giambri's have the perfect mouth-feel and they taste just like brown sugar (um, sign us up).

Like the Sriracha candy canes, this wasabi version is hot, hot, hot. Eating alongside sushi is not recommended.

This is a candy cane stuffed with a Pixy Stix. Childhood nostalgia just went full force.

The great Starburst debate rages on in candy cane form: green vs. red?

It's not surprising that there's a bacon-flavored candy cane out there since there are so many novelty bacon products on the market. (FYI: These candies don't actually contain any meat.)

Of our three featured hot candy cane flavors, cinnamon is the most holiday-related of the bunch.

If you're a fan of root beer barrel candies then you're sure to love these soda-inspired treats.

As much as we wish Swedish fish candy cane gummies existed, these are Swedish fish-flavored hard candies shaped like candy canes.

If minty candy isn't really your thing, give these WarHead candy canes a try. Just be advised that they are a lot bigger than your typical WarHead hard candy and last a lot longer, too.

You can't go through the holidays without having chocolate and mint.

Thankfully, these Crayola candy canes were inspired by the crayon colors and are not actually meant to taste like crayons. These candies come in six different fruit flavors, and each one turns your mouth a different color.

Can't get your hands on Idaho's state fruit? These candy canes are meant to taste just like the lesser-known berry.

Since watermelon is a summer fruit, it's odd to see the flavor melded with Christmas packaging. But as far as fruity flavors go, we think watermelon candy is one of the tastiest.

Another summertime classic that will make you rethink which season you're currently living in.

In case you prefer a sunny tropical beach over a snowy mountainside at Christmastime, Hawaiian Punch has just the thing. The beverage company makes candy canes in three of its drink flavors: Fruity Juicy Red, Lemon Berry Squeeze, and Polar Blast.

If you’re looking for a mellow-flavored pickle drink, the Pickled Surfer, made with a squeeze of fresh lime juice, is described as brighter and less cloying than a whiskey sour, but deeper and more savory than a margarita.

This drink doesn’t necessarily have pickles in it, but you’ll still taste a hint of pickle after adding in the pickle-flavored vodka this recipe calls for. Mixed with jalapeños and even an egg white, this sure sounds like one interesting cocktail.

It’s also worth mentioning that pickle juice is said to have a lot of health benefits, including the ability to ease your day-after pain after you’ve indulged in one too many adult beverages. Sweet!

Your Cocktail Game in a Pickle? Not Until You Try This Flavored Vodka

Why not have pickle- flavored Vodka ?

There’s nothing quite like biting into a cold, crisp dill pickle fresh out of the jar. And if you’re pickle-obsessed like me, you’ve probably sneaked a few sips of the mouth-puckering brine too. Why do some people think it’s weird to drink pickle juice? In the U.S., we drink tomato juice, grapefruit juice and even green juice, which are all just as salty, sour and/or gross, depending on your flavor palate. So why not pickle juice?
And what’s even better than drinking pickle juice? Drinking pickle juice with alcohol in it, of course! Thanks to a few beverage companies that agree, pickle-flavored vodka exists for those of us who want that salty, sour flavor in our libations too.

Adding pickle flavor to liquor isn’t an entirely new concept. For many years, bars have served picklebacks (vodka mixed with pickle juice) to cut the harsh taste of the alcohol. But actually infusing alcohol with pickle juice? Now that’s where things get interesting. Yes, pickle vodka does taste like vodka, but the pickle flavor cuts the bite of the liquor. So you might find yourself sipping more quickly than expected.

Among the distillers of pickle-infused vodka, most are located in the Great White North. Canada puts the U.S. pickle vodka game to shame, boasting at least five distilleries that make the unusual liquor, including Birmingham’s Dill Pickle Vodka, Last Mountain Dill Pickle Vodka and Tall Grass Dill Pickle Vodka, among others. But the U.S. is slowly catching up Blue Spirits Distilling on Lake Chelan in Washington makes a potent 120-proof pickle version.

While many of these companies make other creative infusions, Chilled Dills Pickle Flavored Vodka, based in Charleston, South Carolina, crafts and sells nothing but pickle-infused vodka. If that doesn’t seem like a sound business plan, think again. The company has grown its business each year since 2012, and it now sells in six states throughout the country.

The idea for Chilled Dills began when co-founders Marty Lloyd, his dad, John, and their friend Neil were on an annual family trip in Clearwater, Florida. Their shot of choice that year was picklebacks. But they quickly encountered a problem: The pickle juice kept running out too fast. “Do you think we could bottle this?” Lloyd recalls wondering aloud to his family and friends. The group agreed it could be done. When they returned home to South Carolina, they began distilling and infusing their first batch of Chilled Dills.

Today, they use a patented distilling technology that utilizes ultrasonic energy, which helps to reduce the harshness of the alcohol. The six-times distilled vodka is then infused with all-natural pickles and pickle juice, unlike many flavored alcohols that are typically mixed with a powder, says Lloyd.

Chilled Dills is smooth enough to drink on the rocks or with a splash of soda water, but other ways to enjoy it is in a bloody mary, a pickletini or a “summertime slowdown” cocktail, which combines mint simple syrup, strawberry and lemon with pickle vodka over ice.

The vodka has won multiple awards, including the double gold medal in 2013’s “50 Best Flavored Vodkas,” a silver medal in the 2014 “San Francisco World Spirits Competition,” and a silver medal in the 2015 “Wine and Spirits Tasting Competition.”

If the awards don’t change your skepticism of pickle-flavored vodka, order a bottle for yourself online — although beware of shipping costs. For example: With the cheapest FedEx delivery option to San Francisco, you’re looking at $49.37.

Chilled Dills Best Bloody Mary
Pickle vodka is the perfect companion to a spicy, tangy bloody mary at Sunday morning brunch.
2 ounces Chilled Dills pickle vodka
3 ounces of your favorite bloody mary mix
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
Hot sauce of your choosing
Rub lemon slice on the rim of the glass and dip in Old Bay seasoning. Shake ingredients with ice and pour. Garnish with everything you can think of.

For nighttime vibes, try a pickletini — a dirty martini with pickle juice instead of olive juice.
2 ounces Chilled Dills pickle vodka
1 ounce of pickle juice (or more for the true pickle fiends)
Shake with ice and serve up. Garnish with pickle slices.

Pickle-flavored candy canes have arrived to add a little novelty to your holiday treats

The holiday season is officially upon us! And that means seasonal holiday treats have arrived, too. And it is very important that you are aware that pickle-flavored candy canes are the next big thing this holiday season. After all, one of the most fun parts of getting into the holiday spirit is definitely the seasonal food. Eggnog and pumpkin pie aside, this time of year brings out some very specific cravings — especially for things like candy canes. And this season just happens to bringing us this new kind of candy cane that you might be side eyeing more than craving.

Merging the tart taste of pickles with the sugary sweetness of candy canes may seem like an odd mix, but it may be the best way to entice non-sweet lovers into the holiday food celebrations.

It’s a subtle tangy taste, and candy canes make the best finishing touches to your Christmas tree or as a gift addition. And they also make the best treats while you’re waiting for those holiday dinners to take place.

The best part? You can get a pack of these eccentric candy canes for the bargain price of $8.90 right now on Amazon.

Be sure to grab yourself a box soon and surprise all of your holiday party guests this year — and you can check out their bacon, gravy, and wasabi candy canes, too.(. )

Andhra Pradesh: Ganja worth more than Rs 50 lakh seized, two arrested

BBC Faces 'Reforms' After Diana Report, Says Culture Secretary

Amazon is retiring Prime Now and moving deliveries into its core app

United States Renal Cell Carcinoma Market and Competitive Landscape Report 2021 -

Outlook on the Smart Coatings Global Market to 2026 - by Layer, Function and Geography

Andhra Pradesh: Ganja worth more than Rs 50 lakh seized, two arrested

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], May 21 (ANI): Sabbavaram police on Thursday seized more than 2.5 tonnes of Cannabis (Ganja) worth more than Rs 50 lakh and arrested two persons.

BBC Faces 'Reforms' After Diana Report, Says Culture Secretary

Oliver Dowden criticises "damning failings" at the broadcaster.

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AdPlace A Bag On Your Car Mirror When Traveling

Brilliant Car Cleaning Hacks Local Dealers Wish You Didn’t Know

Amazon is retiring Prime Now and moving deliveries into its core app

Amazon is shifting Prime Now deliveries to its main app and site.

United States Renal Cell Carcinoma Market and Competitive Landscape Report 2021 -

The "US Renal Cell Carcinoma Market and Competitive Landscape - 2021" report has been added to's offering.

Outlook on the Smart Coatings Global Market to 2026 - by Layer, Function and Geography

Dublin, May 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Smart Coatings Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2021-2026" report has been added to's offering. The global smart coatings market by revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 18% during 2020-2026.APAC expects to witness the highest incremental growth of over 178% during 2020-2026. The availability of inexpensive labor and the easy accessibility of raw materials have shifted the attention of global automotive manufacturers toward the region, which indirectly influence the smart coatings market share. Marine, consumer electronics, and automotive industries are driving the demand from China. China accounts for approximately 90% of shipbuilding activities globally hence the demand for anti-fouling and anti-corrosive coatings is expected to be reasonably high. Owing to rapid industrialization and foreign investments, China expects to be the significant growth driver in the region. However, the APAC infrastructure sector, which has been affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, has witnessed unprecedented disruptions, leading to the decline in the development of major infrastructure and construction activities. Owing to the pandemic, the government has mandated lockdowns that have further slowed down the development of infrastructure and construction projects. However, construction and infrastructure activities are likely to increase in India and China from mid-2021, thereby offering an impetus to the smart coating market.The following factors are likely to contribute to the growth of the smart coatings market during the forecast period: Corrosion Indication and PreventionGrowing Demand from Automotive IndustrySuperior Properties of Smart Coatings The study considers the global smart coating market's present scenario and its market dynamics for the period 2020?2026. It covers a detailed overview of several market growth enablers, restraints, and trends. The report offers both the demand and supply aspects of the market. It profiles and examines leading companies and other prominent ones operating in the market.Global Smart Coatings Market Segmentation The global smart coatings market research report includes a detailed segmentation by layer, function type, end-user, geography. The global single-layer smart coatings market expects to reach over USD 5 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of over 16% during the forecast period. These are widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries. Single-layer anti-reflective coatings are one of the key factors for developing the efficiency of solar cells. Hence, the increasing application of solar cells for the production of electric current is likely to increase the usage of single-layer technology.Self-cleaning and antimicrobial sectors are likely to grow at CAGRs of over 19% during 2020-2026. Several industries widely adopt smart self-cleaning coatings to improve the usability and functionality of materials. These are applied on solar panels, glass windows, stain-resistant textiles, corrosion prevention, and anti-biofouling surfaces to ease the cleaning process. Self-cleaning surfaces are extremely water repellent, which increases the lifespan of several metals. Advances in nanotechnology have led to the development of high resilient surfaces, which are resistant to wear and tear and can be used in a wide range of applications. Antimicrobial coatings prevent the growth of pathogens, bacteria, and microbes. A rising number of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have increased the demand for antimicrobial in several end-user industries such as healthcare institutions, industrial buildings, and the packaging industry. Advanced research and innovations are likely to develop safe, effective, and innovative smart antimicrobial products. The demand for antimicrobial medical coatings is growing from North America and Europe due to growth in HAIs.Automotive, transportation, marine, construction, aerospace & defense, and healthcare are the primary end-user industries. The automotive sector accounted for over 20%, followed by aerospace (over 16%) and consumer electronics (over 15%). The demand from the automotive and transportation sectors will drive the market due to the increased application of smart coatings on door closures, lock parts, exhausts, suspensions, engine components, and clamps & hose connections. In addition, the demand expects to increase in the APAC region due to increasing manufacturing activities.Layer Type Single LayerMulti-Layer Function Type AnticorrosionAntimicrobialAnti-FoulingSelf-HealingSelf-CleaningAnti-Icing End-user AutomotiveAerospaceConsumer electronicsConstructionMarineHealthcareOthers INSIGHTS BY GEOGRAPHYThe APAC region accounted for the largest market for smart coatings, contributing over 46% to the global market. China, India, and Japan are the major contributors to the market in the region. China accounted for over 27% by value, followed by India and Japan with a revenue share of over 20% and 12%, respectively. The increase in construction, marine, and defense industries investment is a major factor for the high demand for smart coatings in China. The increasing need for energy and maintenance of transportation also fuel the growth of smart coatings in the country. Strong economic growth, coupled with growing construction activities and increasing disposable income, has primarily supported market growth in the region. APAC is also the largest construction industry and will continue to dominate the industry during the forecast period. However, the growth in construction activities declined in H1 2020, mainly due to the slowdown of construction in China and other key Asian countries, which was further worsened due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Rapid urbanization and infrastructure development have resulted in the rise of megacities in the region's fast-growing economies.Geography North AmericaUSCanadaEuropeUKGermanyFranceRussiaSpainItalyAPACChinaJapanSouth KoreaIndiaIndonesiaThailandAustraliaSingaporeLatin AmericaBrazilMexicoMiddle East & AfricaSaudi ArabiaUAESouth Africa INSIGHTS BY VENDORSSherwin -Williams, AkzoNobel, PPG Industries, 3M, and Axalta Coating Systems are the major players in the smart coatings market. These companies are at the forefront of delivering innovative and high-quality smart coatings. Companies have increased their R&D expenditure and are focusing on developing environment-friendly materials that are less toxic and have no health hazards. Small vendors such as Protech Oxyplast, Prism Surface Coatings, Kastus technologies are also focusing on capitalizing the product portfolio that suits domestic demands and requirements. The market has been witnessing a spree of mergers and acquisitions over the past decade. Most manufacturers have adopted waterborne, high solids, powder coatings, and UV cure coatings.Prominent Vendors AkzoNobel NVSherwin-WilliamsAxalta Coating SystemsPPG IndustriesRPM International Inc. Other Prominent Vendors DSM3MHempelJotunAK CoatingsAncattAutonomic MaterialsDiamond VogelSpecialty Coating SystemSilco TekDow Silicon CorporationNEI CorporationClariantParker HannifinDupontSciessentSABICPolygiene ABParx Material NVOptical Coating TechnologiesAccionaBurke Industrial CoatingFiberlock TechnologiesFlora Coatings LLCNano - Carre DeutschlandAereus TechnologiesProtech OxyplastPrism Surface CoatingJohn Desmond LimitedInnovative Chemical Product (ICP) GroupSono -Tek CorporationJamestown Coating TechnologiesWeilburgerKastus Technologies KEY QUESTIONS ANSWERED:1. How big is the smart coatings market?2. What growth rate the smart coating market is likely to grow during the forecast period?3. Who are the key players in the smart coatings market?4. Which region witnessed the largest share in the smart coatings market in 2020?5. What are the key factors driving the smart coatings market?6. Which layer type is projected to grow at the highest rate?Key Topics Covered: 1 Research Methodology2 Research Objectives3 Research Process4 Scope & Coverage 5 Report Assumptions & Caveats5.1 Key Caveats5.2 Currency Conversion5.3 Market Derivation6 Market at a Glance7 Introduction7.1 Overview7.1.1 End-user Industries7.1.2 Smart Coatings by Layer7.1.3 Smart Coatings by Function7.1.4 Smart Coatings by Geography7.1.5 Supply Chain Analysis7.1.6 Raw Material Analysis8 Growth Opportunity By Segment8.1 By Layer8.2 By Function8.3 By End-User8.4 By Region9 Impact Of COVID-1910 Frequently Asked Questions10.1 What Are The Key Factors Driving The Market For Smart Coatings?10.2 At What Rate Is The Smart Coatings Market Expected To Grow?10.3 Which Region Accounts For The Largest Share In The Global Smart Coatings Market?10.4 Which Type Of Coating Witnesses The Highest Demand?10.5 What Are The Major Factors Hindering The Adoption Of Smart Coatings?10.6 Who Are The Major Players In The Market?11 Market Opportunities & Trends11.1 Corrosion Indication & Prevention11.2 Growing Demand From Automotive Industry11.3 Superior Properties Of Smart Coatings12 Market Growth Enablers12.1 Growth In End-User Industries12.2 Emergence Of New Technologies13 Market Growth Restraints13.1 High Cost of Smart Coatings13.2 Stringent Government Regulations14 Market Landscape15 Layer16 Function17 End-Users18 Geography19 APAC20 Europe21 North America 22 Middle East & Africa23 Latin America24 Competitive Landscape24.1 Competition Overview25 Key Company Profiles26 Other Prominent Vendors27 Report Summary27.1 Key Takeaways27.2 Strategic Recommendations28 Quantitative Summary29 Appendix For more information about this report visit CONTACT: CONTACT: Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager [email protected] For E.S.T Office Hours Call 1-917-300-0470 For U.S./CAN Toll Free Call 1-800-526-8630 For GMT Office Hours Call +353-1-416-8900

UPDATE 1-Euro zone business growth hits three-year high on services resurgence

After a slow start to vaccination programmes across the region the pace is picking up, allowing some restrictions imposed to quell the spread of the coronavirus to be lifted. A deal agreed by the European Union on Thursday to open up tourism across the 27-nation bloc this summer should provide a boost to tourism-dependent economies that were hammered by restrictions last year. "May's increase in the euro zone Composite PMI reflects the further lifting of virus restrictions in many parts of the region and suggests that the economic recovery is now underway," said Jessica Hinds at Capital Economics.

Take Five: Will it pass or will it last?

The reversal stems from the Federal Reserve's apparent resolve to keep printing money at the current pace despite signs of an economic and inflation rebound. Fed officials mostly dismiss higher prices as transitory and stemming from base effects. The core PCE, excluding food and energy, is the Fed's preferred inflation measure for its 2% flexible average target.

Parkrun delays restart of 5k events in England as many venues reluctant to return

Parkrun will not return on 5 June in England because many venues are reluctant to reopen. Organisers said that while more than 250 events have landowner permission to return, this falls far short of the number needed to prevent overwhelming those that have been given the go-ahead. "With more than three million registered parkrunners across England, and around 300,000 people taking part on a typical weekend, opening a small subset of parkruns is not viable," they said.

Premier League: Eight men arrested over racist abuse of Tottenham Hotspur's Heung-min Son

The South Korean forward, 28, was targeted after a Manchester United goal was controversially ruled out.

COVID-19: UK sees ⟺stest output growth since 1998' but cost pressures rise

A closely-watched survey of business activity has shown its best reading on record as a vaccine-driven reopening of the economy gets into gear.

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne returns to London stage in classic musical Cabaret

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne will return to the London stage this November in a production of the classic musical Cabaret. The actor will play The Emcee alongside Jessie Buckley as Sally Bowles in the show set in the fictional Kit Kat Club - a seedy cabaret venue in pre-war Berlin. The hit musical, famously made into a film starring Liza Minnelli as the cabaret singer Sally, was inspired by the novels of English writer Christopher Isherwood based on his own experiences in the German capital as the Nazis rose to power.

SC upholds provisions of insolvency to personal guarantees of debtors

New Delhi [India], May 21 (ANI): The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the Central government notification, bringing into effect the provisions in relation to personal insolvency in respect to personal guarantors to corporate debtors.

Spain opens up to British holidaymakers from Monday – but stays on amber list

The Foreign Office warns against travel to anywhere in Spain except the Canary Islands

Weekly Edventure #29: Pickling And Its Unlikely Connection To The Creative Process

For this week’s Edventure, along with crunching down on dill potato chips, sauerkraut, and pickle-flavored candy canes (just kidding about that last food, we aren’t monsters!), we decided we wanted to explore the unique relationship between the culinary process of pickling and the creative process.

Happy National Pickle Day! For this week’s Edventure, along with crunching down on dill potato chips, sauerkraut, and pickle-flavored candy canes (just kidding about that last food, we aren’t monsters!), we decided we wanted to explore the unique relationship between the culinary process of pickling and the creative process . First, we had to go back in time a bit to learn about its history — all the way back to 2400 B.C. to be exact.

Archeologists and anthropologists believe pickling was first practiced by the ancient Mesopotamians well over 5,000 years ago and it seems that the food has stuck around ever since. Cleopatra claimed that eating pickles was her best-kept secret for eternal beauty . Rumor has it that Julius Caesar actually ordered Roman soldiers to eat pickles, convinced that they had stamina and strength-building properties. Sea explorers pickled nearly all of their food in order to preserve months of food at a time. But by the 19th century, H.J. Heinz Company had cornered the pickle market and by 2020, Americans alone are projected to eat more than 250 million pickles a year.

Yes, pickles may be having a real moment in 2019, but it’s important to mention that the art of pickling has also been a staple of cultural cuisines in countries all over the world , stretching from dishes like kimchi in Korea, pickled herring in Sweden, and giardiniera in Italy.

Now, there is no scientific proof that pickles have serious physical and physiological powers, but we are certain that pickling food — vegetables, fruits, and even meats — can mean taking something on the verge of going bad to significantly prolonging its shelf life with new and interesting flavors.

And this is exactly what we want to edventure into this week. It might sound silly but we believe that pickling is a lot like creative idea generation .

Some of our best ideas come after stepping back from them: when we are willing to put them on a metaphorical shelf and allow them to change shape all on their own. It wouldn’t be pickling if the ingredients weren’t given the time to literally mull it over.

Next time you have a creative pursuit that feels like it’s not quite what you were hoping it would be, don’t just throw it in the trash. Give it a moment. Put it in your proverbial pickling jar and allow it to brine, letting the ingredients of time affect its texture, taste, and flavor. Sometimes this is all it takes to turn a mediocre idea worth scrapping into a creative concept worth pursuing . “Pickling” ideas might sound crazy, but like everything else at EXPLO, we encourage you to give it a try.

We wanted to recommend some articles, games, videos, and artwork that have inspired us to write this Thursday's Weekly Edventure on how “pickling” ideas can be good for creative conception:

    ,a famous deck of card prompts designed by Brain Eno, is the perfect set of ingredients to add to your proverbial idea brine

Don't want to miss a future Weekly Edventure? Since c arrier pigeons and smoke signals haven't yet made a comeback, we’ll take advantage of more modern messaging to ensure it reaches your inbox.

You Can Now Buy Pickle Popsicles

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Simplemost may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.

It’s the summertime frozen treat that’s going to fly off the shelves: pickle popsicles. Wait, what?

Yes, it’s true, if you’re not in the mood for an ice cold pickle juice soda, and it’s the wrong time of year for a pickle-flavored candy cane, you can now hit the frozen aisle.

Pickle maker Van Holten’s, known for their individually wrapped pickles, now sells Pickle-Ice. The company says, “Simply put, it’s the same brine in our pickles with additional electrolytes added.”

Some people believe pickle juice can help prevent the muscles from cramping, so the company is marketing the freeze pops to athletes. A 2010 piece in the New York Times covered a study in which the athletes who drank pickle juice were less likely to have muscle cramping, though the doctors weren’t sure why. Some believe vinegar is the key, and others point to the electrolytes.

“I have really been enjoying these a lot, great on a hot day especially for those of us that are avoiding sugary things,” wrote one customer in a review.

Athlete or not, adults can also find something to cheer about with these pickle pops. Van Holten’s shares a fun idea on their Facebook page for a Bloody Mary incorporating the pickle popsicle. They just mix a Bloody Mary as usual, using vodka, Bloody Mary mix, Worcestershire sauce and pepper, and then squeeze in a frozen Pickle-Ice tube.

You can find Pickle-Ice in an eight- or 48-count container on Amazon. Need even more options? Bob’s Pickle Pops are another popular way to slurp pickle juice on a hot day.

And if you decide not to freeze the pops, you may want to look into other concoctions you can make with them. Pickle juice is a popular choice to use as a brine before throwing meat on the grill, and it can also add more flavor to boiled potatoes.

1 Naughty: Pizza Hut Singapore Double Decker Pizza

This holiday season in the US, Pizza Hut is merely offering a vanity-chest of customer pizza favorites, but a few years back in Singapore, the Christmas-season pizza on offer was a double-decker stack of two totally unrelated pizzas, according to The Daily Meal. The bottom layer was a chicken-pepperoni pizza—we're already offended—with bell peppers. The top pizza involved a strange assortment, including turkey ham, zucchini, mango mayonnaise, tomatoes and Edam cheese. There are so many things we don't understand about this. What is turkey ham? Also, this tiny top layer is small. Maybe families just give it to the one cousin nobody likes.

Watch the video: Βάζω κρέας σε βάζα και παίρνω ένα νόστιμο πιάτο κρέατος, νόστιμη συνταγή λαιμού χοιρινού κρέατος (June 2022).


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